When we teamed up with LEGO’s DINO series our inner fourth grade paleontologist–the one who wore footie T-Rex pajamas–roared with delight. DINO OUTBREAK was designed for kids aged five to ten. In this adventure platformer you join Sam Flash, dinosaur archaeologist turned dinosaur bounty hunter, as he travels across five different worlds capturing escaped dinosaurs.

DINO OUTBREAK features unique enemies and obstacles for their respective worlds that Sam Flash must avoid or overcome. Each world concludes with a thrilling chase scene where Sam Flash gets into a DINO vehicle to herd the escaped dinosaurs into a cage. Players are tasked to explore and solve simple block collecting puzzles to build LEGO bridges that allow them to continue forward.

The game also features a Sticker Book where collected stickers reside. Each world is littered with unique stickers that encourage players to explore and take the road less traveled. These stickers can then be printed out and used to create collages or anything the mind can imagine.

Along with the sticker collectibles are 5 additional hidden levels that are unlocked via secret codes typed into a text box on the map screen. These bonus levels were initially designed to be unlocked from codes found on the physical, boxed DINO products but that tie-in did not come to fruition.

This game was developed using Flash ActionScript 3 over the course of 4 months from conception to completion. The game also utilizes the LUA scripting language and the open-source Tiled level editor. We handled the programming, art, sound, design, and management tasks including Q&A.