Fantasy Telemarketer

Adult Swim

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Fantasy Telemarketer is the world’s first and only telemarketing role playing game. We thought the idea was crazy when Adult Swim approached us. Crazy and awesome.

Always up for a unique challenge, we worked closely with Adult Swim and Clambake Animation to create this hilarious cult classic. We created a template for all the dialogue, fleshed out the characters, general conversations, rewards, and triggers. Clambake took our outlines and created the final dialogue and recorded the voice overs. Our artists added the final touch with character designs that helped bring the game to life. The game relies on data stored in XML and countless audio files.

One of the unique aspects of Fantasy Telemarketer is the minimized load times for a game that is extremely heavy on audio. We came up with a methodology that separated the audio in a way that allowed only what was necessary to be loaded up front. The rest of the audio continued loading in the background as the player was progressing through the game. This created a seamless experience with minimal loading time for the player.

We programmed the project in Flash AS3 and the game took four months from concept to completion.